Jacklyn Hill Eyeshadow Palettes

      The Jacklyn Hill palette was first released in the summer of 2017 being one of the most talked about palettes people loved it i personally fell in love the second i got my eyes on it. I knew nothing about Who Jacklyn Hill was i had asked for advise on new beauty channel on youtube and she was one of the names that was mentioned so i searched her up and the first video i ever saw of her was her showing the world her palette. It was so amazing not knowing noting about her since i had apparently been living under a rock, but it just touched me to see someone showing off her dreams to the world as they were coming true. Ofcourse the palette was beautiful all the shades were amazing and you can tell the time and effort she had pour into this project with Morphe. Everything about this palette was perfeyfron the price the shade selection the application of each eyeshadow Definitely one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes of all time. 

     In the summer of 2018 Jacklyn and Morphe Released the 2nd Edition to the Jacklyn Hill Collection that included Brushes and 4 Eye shadow palettes that contained the shades that Jacklyn had fallen for from her original palette that did not make it to the Jacklyn Hill Palette, In to a Vault Collection containing 4 palettes. I was Extra happy to know that it would be available at my local Ulta. So i rushed over and tried each palette here are my favorite looks created with each palette from her collection.

First makeup look is a beautiful cutcrease using Ring The Alarm .

Second I did this beautiful Smokey liner Holiday makeup using Dark Magic

Third Was one of my favorite palettes from her collection using Bling Boss I created this beautiful Half CutCrease 

The Last One and not one of my favorites is this Halo eye using Ring the Alarm.

   I had so much fun playing with this eyeshadow palettes, In my opinion all of her palettes are amazing and well worth it, if you would love to try them for yourself i recommend using ulta beauty since you will earn free cash back plus most coupon codes will apply so you will get huge savings my original Jacklyn hill that goes for $39 pluss tax original came out to be less then $28 after savings, The vault collection sells for $49 i paid $39 after Ulta savings, if you would like me to show you ways to save on cosmetics don't forget to sign up for email notifications.

Click here to learn how to care and clean for your Jacklyn Hill Palette same technique can be applied to any eyeshadow or makeup product.

xoxo May your day be filled with GlitterLove&Beauty