Exfoliating Routine

For the perfect most flawless skin you are going to want to start with a well Exfoliated & hydrated Canvas, I like to exfoliate about 3 times a week and for a soft gentle exfoliation i love using the muddy facial by Glitterlove&Beauty.

I first start with some left over green Tea to cleanse my entire safe, soak a cotton ball inside the tea and cleanse the skin. Next you are going to get a small amount of muddy facial and place it on the palm of your hand, you will then re soak a clean cotton ball and begin to mix the mud with the cotton ball to create a paste Start to exfoliate all around your face making sure to clean around the eye never get too close.

After the Entire face is excoriated you will then continue to wipe off your facial you can do this with water or if you have extra tea i prefer to soak a face towel and cleanse the entire face.

Let it air dry and continue with a facial Oil To hydrate the skin.