Makeup Vanity how to create your Dazzling Beauty Space

When asked to pic from the 4 pictures How do you store your Makeup

You might be surprised to know that about 60% of Lady's will pick 1 but after seeing the beautiful vanities in the rest of the pictures they all dream of having a place of there own the can call there Beauty retreat.

Well if you are like me and said 1 its provably because you have kids or you just never put the time in letting yourself believe that you deserve a Dazzling Beauty Space. If that's the case & you have told yourself that its time to create that special space it can be done in the tiniest corner of your bedroom or in an empty wall in your house as you can see in picture 2. Well get ready to start planning and take your idea to life.

I am someone that loves to create my own DIY i take ideas from pictures however its just ideas i love to be different so i will not create mine like picture 3 because that will be one that you will see in most vanities that is what you expect to have if its been bought from Ikea or any other store you cant expect originality. So if your just like me then its time to get creative

This might take time, a lot of thinking but at the end you will get something unique & special that you can be proud of. Now this top one is just an idea to get your mind working, if you are ready to get your creativity rolling then first start with how you picture your beauty space to be. Once you have decided that then you can begin by shopping around if you decide to go with a design like 3 then get ready to drop about $300 minimum so your space looks like a lot that you will see on the web. If your just like me then start looking every where you go for used items things that catch your eye such as desks drawers mirrors lights & any thing that will create your own space & put your signature on it. You can look on fb sales group used items locally near you or yard sales are also a great place to search don't be shy to ask for a better deal most will price items higher so that the price gets worked down to what the really expect for the item, the point is to find items that are eye catchy to you & that will work for what you are looking to create. If you are handy or better yet if your significant other can work with tools then you will not just have fun on your own but he can help you create that special place. If you shop around good you can get your vanity completed at around $100 depending on how fancy you are looking to go. Just know that you will need drawers or a desk paint a mirror & lights of course to make your Dazzling Beauty Space as bright as the moon light.

Once you have your basic idea then you can go with it and star to look for the items colors & special decorations on shopping trips to create the perfect Dazzling Beauty Space that will make you smile each time you look at what you have created.


May your life be filled with GlitterLove&Beauty