Silisponge GlitterLove&Beauty Brings you the first Heart shape

When i first seen the amazing silisponge i thought what a great idea, just from seeing how it would work i knew then and there that this was just what i had been looking for. Not just are beauty blenders a night mare with bacteria Not to mention that they suck up about 50% or more of the product. That is why my go to is mostly my fingers for faster blending until now.. The Silisponge doesn't just help you smooth your foundation or concealer fast and easy it leaves a streak free appearance and you can get it for half the price of an original Beauty Blender. The amount of liquid or cream products needed is about half the amount compared to directly using brush or sponge this helps you save double!!!

Now when i first seen the original model i also had a concern as to how would it work around the nose??

well this is why i went in search of the best shape that could still bring me the smoothness of the silisponge as well as the ability to reach into those places and i found it Glitter love & Beauty brings you the fist heart shape i have seen on the market as well as a tear drop shape for a more pro look.

It is said to be the best invention in the makeup world, i personally love the fact that it cleans so fast and effortless this means that it can be used right after washing & it keeps all the nasty bacteria that Normal beauty blenders hold away, This helps with break outs since about 75% of acne is caused by dirty makeup tools and the best part is that it saves product this is why you get better coverage with a smaller amount. The Designs that Glitterlove&Beauty brings work best then the original shape due to the design with both shapes containing a tip.To get free shipping now just press here and enter code Love you may use this code for the heart shape or Tear Drop.


Happy Blending